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Introduction to PPC Clinic (5 Slots Only)

Posted on | April 3, 2012 | 5 Comments

Since last year there were already a number of request to conduct Pay Per Click training here in the Philippines coming from newbies and advance PPC managers alike. To test how we can handle the materials and the instruction we are going to launch our initial PPC Clinic for newbies. Who is this training ideally for: 1) Online Marketing professionals who want to expand their knowledge with the use of PPC as part of their marketing arsenal. 2) Online Marketing professionals who have zero knowledge of Paid Search Marketing and want to offer it as an additional product to their clients. 3) Operations Managers of Online Marketing BPO companies who want to have a grasp of how PPC works so they can relate with their Paid Search Account managers. Training Details: Date: April 19,2012 (10am to 6pm) read more...

Six offline viral/brand strategies I thought about while finding a way to transfer my files from my Laptop to my Ipad.

Posted on | November 1, 2011 | No Comments

The 2011 MORCON (Mastering Online Ranking Conference) organized by was a success. While all the presentations were very informative, I had my own problem to settle – how to transfer my files from my Laptop to my Ipad. Thing is my Ipad had the AVI adapter while my MBA (Air) did not have one, so I needed a way to transfer the PPT file from the Laptop to the my Ipad. On any ordinary day this would have been easy, just drop it on DROPBOX and instantly you have your files BUT unfortunately the conference room did not have a decent wifi access. What does this problem have to do with viral marketing? 1)I tried transferring the files through the bluetooth device. Lo and behold while Ipad was looking for a compatible “pairing” i saw one Bluetooth device with the actual read more...

Is the Adgroup level Impression Share going to be implemented soon?

Posted on | July 22, 2011 | No Comments

Using Impression Share (IS) as a metric at the current campaign level may not be as useful as we want it to be especially for campaigns with volumes of adgroups. I have tried to confirm it from Google reps if they are using some version of IS at the adgroup level and luckily got a “read between the lines” reply that they might be using one. Better yet one rep I’m working with dropped a hint that they may release the IS metric at the adgroup level. This may sound impressive and will likely help the metric provide granular insight on adgroup performance. Will an adgroup level IS be significantly helpful to you? read more...

Quality score just killed my Misspellz: will creating campaigns with misspells still be worth it?

Posted on | February 19, 2010 | No Comments

Most Adwords managers are still losing sleep over how to either revive their “slapped” accounts or how to improve their current quality score – to shave off some valuable cost. Relevancy has become the most important factor among the 3 major elements (keywords, adcopy and landing page) of creating an Adwords campaign. Needless to say that your keywords must be relevant to both your adcopy and landing page. Easier said than done. How about if your building a campaign using keyword misspells? Keyword misspells used to be a great source of cheap longtail keywords pre-QS days. Some Adwords campaign managers attest to finding high CTR (matched with good match typing and adcopy) and even high converting keywords among the heaps of possible misspells. Has the strategy of capit read more...

Google Adwords keyboard shortcuts – warp speed your archaic task of jumping from one tab to the other

Posted on | November 5, 2009 | No Comments

Google Adwords Keyboard Shortcut If you are not still aware of the Google Adwords shortcut keys, which is of great help, here are some of the them. Makes me think that the guys at Google, managing the Adwords project, are just human after all. Global Navigation: Press “G” then “O”: Goes to All Online Campaigns Press “G” then “C”: Goes to Campaigns Tab Press “G” then “R”: Goes to AdGroups Tab (why not D?) Press “G” then “K”: Goes to Keywords Tab Press “G” then “N”: Goes to Networks tab Press “G” then “A”: Goes to Ads tab Press “G” then “S” : Goes to Settings tab Table navigation and actions: Pess “J/K” read more...

Conversion Rates Don’t Vary Much with Ad position – Google’s Chief Economist says

Posted on | August 19, 2009 | No Comments

I was partly confused and a little bit shocked by the latest statement made by Google’s Chief Economist , Hal Varian , on the how conversion rates don’t vary much by position. On the regular Adwords newsletter Inside Adwords: “We have used a statistical model to account for these effects and found that, on average, there is very little variation in conversion rates by position for the same ad. For example, for pages where 11 ads are shown the conversion rate varies by less than 5% across positions. In other words, an ad that had a 1.0% conversion rate in the best position, would have about a 0.95% conversion rate in the worst position, on average. Ads above the search results have a conversion rate within ±2% of right-hand side positions. “ Now if this made you fee read more...

Cleaning up a PPC campaign: Why asking a client to increase the ad spending budget would be the last thing you would suggest..

Posted on | June 23, 2009 | No Comments

So it’s your first time to get a client? He/she wants you to make some recommendations to improve the campaigns performance. Panic starts to sink in. You basically know what to do as you have done this a couple of times with your previous work. Instinct tells you to check the Adwords overview table. AHA! Upon rolling your mouse over that small box beside the word “ELIGIBLE” you read ” try a budget of $2++/day to increase….”. That should be it! With a grin, you happily email the client your “findings”. WHAT!? That would be the client either shouting at you while rolling his/her eyeballs not believing what you just said or your reaction to the client deciding to discontinue your consultancy. Earlier tonight a friend who was quite new to ̶ read more...

Old school solutions: Confusion over exit rates on Top Content Data of the Google Analytics Report.

Posted on | February 3, 2009 | No Comments

One of the more important metric I have considered for Landing Page optimization has been the Exit Rate or the number of visits that have directly left the site without going through any other pages. Compared with Bounce Rate , were a visitor might have decided to visit other pages on the same site, Exit rate is more definitive on how a visitor immediately left the site. Whether the visitor left the page for not finding what he/she initially was looking for or was not “emotionally” engaged on the content, one can only surmise. One Google Analytics report “inconsistency” has bothered me for sometime now and this is with regard to which data should be referenced with regards to the actual exit rate of a particular page. Initial Table On the “Content” men read more...

What’s all this social media hooplah? Dilemma and frustrations of starting a social media campaign.

Posted on | January 9, 2009 | No Comments

For some years now social media initiatives have played a “minor” role in most of the online marketing initiatives that we have done. We readily admit we are still leaning towards SEO and PPC for most of our campaigns and have been gearing towards improving Landing Page performance and Web Analytics implementation. One can only digest so much new information from a very dynamic and rapidly growing field such as online marketing. We have so far delimited ourselves to social bookmarking for content we have released and the usual profile building on the more popular social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Results have been good but not as impressive as most expected. What we think so far: 1) It really takes time to build a good “following”, were yo read more...
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