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All Hail CTR: Adwords fundamentals remain strong.

Some years  ago (4-5yrs) someone “challenged” (for lack of a better term) me, on my position that CTR was the most fundamental metric in running an Adwords account in contrast to CPA. I guess back then, since QS was on its infancy (introduced in the late 2008), I didn’t have data to support the claim or […]

Early Monthly Referral Bonus has been issued

Cellconversion Monthly Referral Bonus has been issued. Check your Paypal accounts. Merry Xmas Everyone and may you continue to refer our business in 2013! Want to learn more about our Awesome Referral Bonus? Email us at or message us on facebook ( for details. read more…

Batch 4 na! Introduction to PPC Training

Time flies so fast and we are already conducting our fourth batch and we have added some new twist on the curriculum. For the first time a case study is presented and dissected for participants to analyze and resolve. Yep! its not your usual boring PPC Training. Who is this training ideally for: 1) Online […]

A Facebook Group for Philippines based Paid Search Marketing Professionals

The paid search marketing professionals in the Philippines has grown exponentially over the last few years. Though search engine optimization professionals outnumber the PPC guys probably at a 10:1 ratio the local community has been active.  Philippines based PPC Managers have been hired by neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to manage some of their […]

Is the Adgroup level Impression Share going to be implemented soon?

Using Impression Share (IS) as a metric at the current campaign level may not be as useful as we want it to be especially for campaigns with volumes of adgroups. I have tried to confirm it from Google reps if they are using some version of IS at the adgroup level and luckily got a […]

Quality score just killed my Misspellz: will creating campaigns with misspells still be worth it?

Most Adwords managers are still losing sleep over how to either revive their “slapped” accounts or how to improve their current quality score – to shave off some valuable cost. Relevancy has become the most important factor among the 3 major elements (keywords, adcopy and landing page) of creating an Adwords campaign. Needless to say […]

Google Adwords keyboard shortcuts – warp speed your archaic task of jumping from one tab to the other

Google Adwords is giving away FREE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS STICKERS – just a bonus for making our metacarpals a little happy

Conversion Rates Don’t Vary Much with Ad position – Google’s Chief Economist says

I was partly confused and a little bit shocked by the latest statement made by Google’s Chief Economist , Hal Varian , on the how conversion rates don’t vary much by position. On the regular Adwords newsletter Inside Adwords: “We have used a statistical model to account for these effects and found that, on average, […]

Cleaning up a PPC campaign: Why asking a client to increase the ad spending budget would be the last thing you would suggest..

So it’s your first time to get a client? He/she wants you to make some recommendations to improve the campaigns performance. Panic starts to sink in. You basically know what to do as you have done this a couple of times with your previous work. Instinct tells you to check the Adwords overview table. AHA! […]